What we do

Supporting development bodies around the world and sharing voices, issues and ideas we hear.



EarthEcho Communications is a new video, media and cooperation organisation dedicated to supporting development bodies around the world and to sharing the voices, issues and ideas we hear. From global healthcare, climate change and education, to human rights, gender and democracy. Our vision is simple: to resonate far and wide through traditional and social media dissemination with fresh, original and authentic content. To build awareness across communities. The wider the word is spread, the more inclusive the conversation. 


EarthEcho Communications was created in early 2020 by a group of like-minded global journalism, development and film making specialists. It is registered as a not-for-profit organisation in Spain and is run by native English, Spanish and Italian-speaking colleagues who call on decades of experience in Africa, Asia, Russia and its neighbours, and throughout Europe.


Modern, responsive development programmes are designed with mutually reinforcing objectives, whether it is climate change mitigation, education, rural development or health services.

The art of communications is evolving with the same dynamic force, using interconnected platforms that demand fast, relevant and people-oriented content. EarthEcho Communications is in footstep with these trends. An echobox for the issues … and the solutions … of our day.

Our actions

Technical cooperation, assistance and support

Our expertise centres on the identification of needs, advocacy, capacity building and technical cooperation and assistance, mainly in the areas of democratic governance, education, gender and climate change.

Training and tutorials

We conduct online and face to face training and tutorials in technical cooperation and communication – the craft of making videos and creating communication campaigns – as well as supporting organisations and communities in concept design.

Communication advice

Technical support in the implementation of communication strategies, advocacy and visibility campaigns for projects, including the production of editorial and audiovisual content and management of social networks.

Film making

Production and direction of long and short documentaries, webcasts, animations and video clips for greater visibility, advocacy and communication of social projects.


We create, produce and distribute audio content, including podcasts, voice-overs, audio reports and radio campaigns, to accompany and reinforce projects throughout their implementation cycle.


Photo reportage, retouching and fine-tuning images to deliver greater visual impact to communication campaigns and the advocacy of social projects.