What we do

Supporting development bodies around the world and sharing voices, issues and ideas we hear.



EarthEcho Communications is a new communication, video and cooperation organization dedicated to supporting development bodies around the world and to sharing the voices, issues and ideas we hear. From global healthcare, climate change and education, to human rights, gender and democracy. Our goal is simple: to resonate far and wide through traditional and social media dissemination with original, fresh and authentic content, and to raise awareness in communities. Our belief is simple: The wider the word is spread, the more inclusive the conversation.


EarthEcho Communications was created in 2020 by a group of like-minded global film-making and communication specialists, journalists and democratic and human rights governance specialists. It is registered as a not-for-profit organization in Spain and is run by a multi-cultural team who are native Spanish, English, French, Arabic speakers. The team draws on extensive expertise and decades of experience in Africa, Asia, Europe, Russia and neighboring regions, as well as the Middle East and North Africa.


Modern and responsive development and humanitarian programmes are designed around with mutually reinforcing objectives. At EarthEcho Communications we view communication as an evolving discipline that demands quality,relevant and people-oriented content, and a sharp eye on innovations and trends.

"The «Echo» in our name reflects our belief in the scope that exists today to spread and reverberate voices and ideas in complex, ever-changing circumstances"

Our actions

Technical cooperation, assistance and support

Identification of needs, capacity building, technical cooperation and advocacy, all in the areas of democratic governance, elections, education, gender equalisation, young people and climate change.

Documentary and short format video making

Long and short-format documentaries and features, animations, video clips for social media, video clips for public and peer communication and advocacy. Broader communication, including individualised and social media campaigns, of which films and videos are key components.

Animated videos and comics

Engaging animated content and illustrative comics that capture complex stories with a blend of creativity and clarity. Tailored for educational purposes, advocacy, and storytelling, our animations and comics are designed to resonate across cultures and age groups, making challenging topics accessible and engaging.


High class photography and photo reportage, with a record of operating in some of the most challenging countries and regions in the world.

Podcasts and audio production

Podcasts, audio reportage and documentaries radio campaigns, professional voice-overs in several languages (English, Spanish, Arabic, French).

Social & Behavior Change Communication

Our expertise lies in crafting comprehensive communication strategies tailored for Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC). We specialize in developing wide-ranging and interconnected content, along with managing social media platforms. This includes producing editorial and audio-visual content to engage audiences effectively while overseeing social network management

Training and tutorials

We conduct in person and online training and tutorials in development and humanitarian communication. These embrace: video making, field photography, targeted writing skills, social media management, media monitoring and the design and creation of communication and visibility campaigns.